1. How do we rent equipment?

It’s easy! Follow these steps:

A. First you have to be a <name of site> member. Don’t worry its FREE. Just click on the join/membership button and fill up the form. Be sure to fill up ALL of the details on the form since we will be conducting background checks and verification. Forms with missing details will unfortunately be automatically disqualified.

B. Next you need to present 2 valid identification. (Government ID, Company ID, School ID)

C. And viola! That’s it!



2. Once I rent equipment, do I handle the rental equipment on my own? Can I use the equipment by myself?

Sadly, no. We ALWAYS require an assistant to accompany any rental. Don’t fret though, our experience has taught us that it really helps out in these aspects:

A. It helps ensure the safety of the equipment.

B. You get extra personnel can handle the equipment efficiently, boosting your own work efficiency.

C. You get to save time in equipment handling.



3. What does the assistant do?

A. They handle the equipment, from delivery to set up and movement, all the way to equipment return.

B. They are in charge of the safety and security of the equipment.

C. They are not required to handle the equipment exclusively (especially the cameras). However, any damage incurred to the equipment at the hands of people outside of the assistant will be billed to the renter in accordance to the extent of the damage.

D. Some can be asked to assist in the creative aspect as well (in shooting, sounds, and lighting). However, we would like to clarify that these services are not included in your assistant’s base salary. That being said, you always have the option of requesting these services for an additional fee that you and your assistant can agree upon.



4. Does the assistant come with an additional cost?

A. If your total rental fee does not meet the minimum order, we will have to ask an additional P500 for your assistant’s hard work. You will also be billed an equipment delivery fee dependent on the distance of the delivery.

B. Transportation fee depending on the distance of the location for delivery, on occasion we may ask for an extra fee for transportation (especially for out of town shoots).

C. Your assistants will work with you for 12 hours. However, should you exceed that time limit, we will bill you an extra P50 for every hour in excess.

Having said this, we would like to remind you that the time your assistant works begins when he arrives at the set or at your meeting place, which includes the time from call-time to actual shoot. Having too early of a call time may eat up your assistant’s allotted hours needlessly.

D. Other than that, all we ask is that you treat the assistants with professionalism and dignity. They are there to help! Try to keep them on-set as much as possible. Also, providing them food along with the crew helps out a lot since it keeps them on-set and with the equipment, ensuring safety and efficiency at all times.



5. How long can we rent the equipment for?

A. We work on a daily rental rate. Once you pay the flat rental fee, you can use the equipment for the entire day up until 4 a.m. the following day.  However, as was mentioned in the caretaker section, your caretaker can only go for 12 hours at a time. 

B. Please be prompt with your returns. Other people may need to rent out the equipment too!

C. Should you fail to return the equipment by 5 a.m. the following day, we will charge you the full amount for another day of rental.



6. Do you accept reservations?

A. Most certainly! You can reserve equipment as far back as a month.

B. You can also reserve equipment up to 1 day before the shoot date. However, we would like to remind you that the availability of equipment varies and we can’t ensure availability of all the equipment for last minute reservations and rentals.



7. Is there a reservation fee?

A. No, it’s FREE! However, in the case when two or more clients want to book the same equipment and only one is available, the client who is willing to put up a 50% non-refundable down payment gets priority.



8. When do we settle payment?

A. You pay when the equipment is returned, including all extra fees for overtime and transportation.



9. Do you rent out equipment for out of town shoots?

A. Absolutely! However, as mentioned before, we may have to charge extra for the extended travel distance.

B. We also take the extra travel time into consideration when discussing rates but this again will depend on the distance of the location. Our office and phone assistants will gladly inform you of these adjustments and considerations once you give them the details of the shoot.



10. Is there a fee for broken equipment?

A. As stated, the assistant is in charge of equipment safety and handling. Should the damage to the equipment be due to the assistant’s mishandling, the renter will NOT be billed.

B. However, should persons outside of the assistant incur damage to the equipment, the renter will be billed depending on the extent of the damage.