1. We require online membership for all our renters. Don’t worry, its quick and easy and FREE! All you have to do is press the join/membership button, fill out the form, and wait for our verification process to certify you as a member! We do conduct verification and cross-checking on all our applicants so do be diligent and honest when you answer the forms. Entries with missing details are subject to immediate disqualification. We are entitled to refuse any applicant should our verification and cross checking turn up questionable findings. No membership, no rental.

2. We also require 2 forms of valid identification. Government, Company, or School IDs will do. You may upload it along with the filled up online membership form or email it to us at ginio@gfilmrental.com.

3. We require an assistant to accompany ALL rentals. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Rentals that meet the minimum order get their assistants for FREE. Rentals that fall below the minimum order will be billed an additional P500. Assistants work for 12 hours. After that, an overtime fee of P50 per hour in excess is billed.

Transportation fees may be added depending on the distance the equipment has to travel.

Out of town arrangements are processed case to case, depending on location and distance. Feel free to call or visit us to inquire.

The assistant is responsible for delivery, set-up, set-down, and return. The assistant will also oversee all equipment handling as well but is in no way required to handle all of the equipment exclusively.

Caretakers are not expected to provide creative input. However, some are capable of providing these services. Should these services be desired, an appropriate talent fee, to be agreed upon by the caretaker and the renter, will be added.

4. Damage to the equipment incurred by the assistant will NOT be billed to the renter.

Damage to the equipment incurred by persons other than the assistant will be billed to the renter in accordance to the extent of the damage.

5. Transportation fees may be added for long distances or for multiple location changes. If the equipment must be transferred to a new location, the renter is expected to provide transportation, either through private vehicles or in commute fairs.

6. Additional equipment and services will be charged accordingly.

7. Item availability is subject to change. Reservations can be done a month in advance. If two or more renters place a reservation on a single item or equipment, a 50% non-refundable down-payment must be made to secure the reservation. If no down-payment is made, the reservation is subject to cancellation.